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Article in the Eczema Association of Australasia newsletter

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Wow! We're having an article published about us in the Eczema Association of Australasia's newsletter! Bit exciting!

This is how it goes...

Natural relief for itchy bubs and their parents

Around 6 years ago when friends Carolyn and Lisa had their first children around the same time, they experienced what many other parents had gone through before them – children with severe Eczema. Carolyn experienced firsthand the horror and helplessness of watching her beloved little man in a world of unhappiness, pain and exhaustion. Lisa was extremely lucky that her little girl didn’t suffer from the condition directly however had many mum friends enduring the same distressing circumstances.

It's no secret that the entry into parenthood is an unsettling time for many so the last thing parents need is to be facing a heartbreaking skin condition battle and learning curve. Although there are many topical treatments for Eczema available (some more effective than others), a major gap that was obvious to Carolyn in her frantic search for help was the very limited clothing available. That was the point when the idea for Itchibubs was formed - to provide a range of gorgeous, practical, Eczema friendly garments to help ease the itchiness and more importantly, reduce damage that babies and toddlers unwittingly do to their delicate skin by scratching.

Itchibubs jumpsuits and long sleeve tops have fully enclosed hands to prevent little fingers escaping and damaging exposed skin. A straight jacket you might say? A miracle most parents would agree! The garments are made from 100% organic cotton which is grown and processed without the use of harmful pesticides giving peace of mind that there will be no extra irritation by the fabric itself. The super soft fabric used is lightweight to allow the skin to breathe as it is known that overheating can further flare itchy skin. Even the dyes used to create the gorgeous fabric patterns are organically certified. To top it all off, in the true spirit of creating the least irritating garment possible, seams are stitched flat and tags are printed, not sewn in meaning no extra scratchy bits. The girls have thought of everything! To view the full Itchibubs range, go to www.itchibubs.com.au or email Carolyn and Lisa at itchibubs@gmail.com.


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