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3 tips to help soothe your itchy baby’s skin

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It can be very heartbreaking for parents to watch their baby itch irritated skin. It really can be a vicious cycle – itchy skin, scratching occurs, skin worsens and becomes even more itchy and irritated.

So what should you know about itchy skin? There must be a reason why the skin is itchy if your baby is scratching enough to cause increased inflammation - and scratching is of course a natural reaction. There are some things you can try to help soothe your baby and it really is a process of elimination – what works for one child may not work for another.

So what can you try? Well, with a wealth of personal exploration behind us here are 3 suggestions that could help you.

1. Look at what your baby is wearing

Warmth is an enemy for many skin irritations including eczema so have a look at what your baby is wearing.

  • Light organic cotton fabrics are best as they allow the skin to breath, air to circulate and contain no chemical nasties to cause further irritation.
  • It may be helpful to cover your baby’s hands <insert link> particularly when he or she is sleeping as this is often the time when a baby will scratch and damage their delicate skin without you or your baby realising what is occurring.

2. Get some moisture into your baby’s skin

Often itchy skin is dry and flaky so getting some moisture back into the skin could really help.

  • Wet wrapping or dressing is a technique that many parents with itchy babies try. It can help with soothing and moisturising the skin. Information about how to undertake this process is here.
  • Try a moisturiser or several. It’s likely you’ve found many moisturisers and creams available that could possibly help with irritated itchy skin. Now this really is a trial and error process – working through a couple or more to find one that helps. All moisturizers have different active ingredients so it’s very likely some will cause your baby’s skin to flare up and others provide the relief you are seeking. It’s likely that your change table or bath area will look like a pharmacy working through trialling creams – don’t be disheartened – many do find a cream that really helps provide relief.

3. Look for allergies

Sometimes allergies are responsible for inflamed skin.

  • Keep a diary about your baby focussing on what he/she has eaten as well as is wearing and even the activities he/she has been doing. You are likely to see some patterns or triggers that flare your child’s skin irritations. If you suspect a food allergy you are best to seek medical advice before eliminating specific foods from his or her diet. A medical professional can help you work out the best was to explore this avenue that is safe for your baby and possibly you if you are breastfeeding.

I really hope this information has been helpful in your quest to help the little person in your life. For information about Itchibubs organic cotton clothing with or without enclosed hands, please visit our website.

Best of luck from the Itchibubs team and remember you're not alone!


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