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We at itchibubs like you, unfortunately have children with Eczema. A few years ago, when the first of our children developed Eczema at 3 months of age, we experienced the same helplessness you may be experiencing now. So, we looked to the internet to search for best possible ways that we could help our little man, and make him more comfortable (and yes, we too tried all the creams we could find, bathing potions, diets etc etc with no luck!)

But mainly during this search, we found very limited clothing available for babies who suffer Eczema and it became our goal to provide a range of gorgeous, practical, Eczema friendly garments that help ease the itchiness of your little star, but more importantly, reduce the damage they can do to their delicate skin by scratching. One of our aims is for no other parents to discover bloody after your precious one has been asleep (or attempted to, but hasn’t been able to due to their discomfort)

Our clothing range is made from soft lightweight 100% Organic Cotton which is universally recognised at Certified Organic. Using natural, plant based dyes known to be Eczema friendly, additionally we have eliminated any labels which are irritating to babies and children with Eczema and have also aimed to include as many flat seams on our garments as possible.

Thank-you for taking the time to visit our site and read our story, we wish you and your little ones all the very best and hopefully an Eczema free future, but as a minimum that our clothing provides some comfort and style.

Caz and Lisa xo


These are pics of two of our little men and their eczema - how cruel.


Our Products

We have worked towards providing a range of products that will help in reducing the severity that scratching can do to your little ones skin. Our Rompers & Long Sleeve Tops provide fully enclosed hands to prevent little fingers damaging exposed skin.

We have made our garments from 100% Organic Cotton, as it is grown and processed without the use of harmful chemicals we know that these garments are the best possible material that you can put against your little ones skin. Additionally, the prints are printed with GOTS certified dyes that are free from toxic chemicals - see http://www.global-standard.org/certification.html for more information about GOTS certification.

We have also kept in mind that trends come and go, so we have tried as much as possible to provide clothing that not only is gorgeous, but also, can be passed down to others while still being in gorgeous prints.

You, as their caregiver, can have peace of mind knowing that you have put them into garments which drastically reduce the risk of your precious little one harming their skin further by scratching.

Our fabric is incredibly soft and we have chosen a lightweight fabric as it is known that overheating increases irritation to those with Eczema.


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